Shortee2 Direct to Garment Printer

   • This mobile, compact, reliable DTG printer is easy to use and maintain, yet customizable to fit your business needs.

   • The TexJet© shortee2 handles a broad range of textile applications for small-to-medium runs.

   • First-class ink density and one-pass coverage delivers impressive crisp results. A 3 picoliter ink drop size means scalpel-sharp detail and photo-realistic quality. Your personalized garments will stand out.

   • It fits into smaller spaces than other DTG printers. Easily loaded and brought to any event or office, it has a unique advantage... production anywhere.

   • You can leave it idle for up to 30 days without wasting ink. Just run the maintenance routine and within five minutes production starts.

   • An automatic height adjustment sets the ideal distance between fabric and printhead. Switch from t-shirts to tote bags with ease, and get reduced risk of damage to your machine or garments.

   • The included RIP software is Cadlink Digital Factory Apparel v10, Polyprint Edition RIP suite. Proven capabilitiesfor conserving ink, streamlining workflows, editing, and even budgeting!

Max Print Area: 30x45cm (11.8x17.7in)
Printable Textiles: Cotton, light coloured polyester, cotton/poly blends, linen, viscose, leather, canvas, denim and more
Print Resolution: CMYK +4W: 720x720, 720x1080, 1440x720, 1440x1440 dpi
                             2x CMYK: 720x360, 720x720 dpi
Print Head Types: Piezoelectric DOD, 8 channels, 180 nozzles per channel
Production Speed ( Including loading/unloading ): 45 Light - 20 Dark t-shirts/hour
                             ( CMYK: 720x720 dpi - W: 1440x720 dpi and Design size: 25x20cm/10x8in )
Inks: CMYKW, Water-based textile pigment inks
Ink Feeding: Pressurized Delivery of Refillable cartridges, 80 ml (2.7oz)
Operating systems: Windows 10
Dimensions: L1100xW670xH425mm (L43xW26xH17in)
Weight: 65kg
Power: AC 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 60-80W
Included:  27x40cm (10.6x15.7in) snap on platen + frame
                 CADlink Digital Factory Apparel Polyprint Edition v10


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