Long bed DTG printer from Polyprint

   • Special Purpose DTG printer!
       - direct to large area garment designs
       - dresses, towels, bedding, jeans, leather
       - multi platen production performance.

   • Great photorealistic image quality because of TFP, 8 ink channels and 180nozzels per channel.

   • Quickly do a sample for your quote.
12 minutes from inserting a USB with the graphic to handing over a finished sample. From then on 80 white /28 dark per hour.

   • Snap on platens, with quick use frames, assure accuracy without the extra implications of using adhesives.

   • Included is the TexJet RIP professional photo editing software. Colour accuracy and its dynamic production cost calculator let users see and immediately understand how production changes impact performance.

   • Immediately see the implications of changing to single pass printing or adjusting white density.

   • Perfect for effective use space situations.

15x15 cm

14 x 30 cm

27 x 40 cm

28 x 32 cm

32 x 45 cm

34 x 52 cm

36 x 40 cm

42 x 60 cm

snap on adaptor for screen printing