• Automatic pretreat dark coloured and polyester blend garments for the best quality, detail, intensity and wash ability of direct to garments printing.

   • Transparent precoating- and water pipes.

   • Finest quality nozzles offer the greatest consistency when all garments in the batch are processed under the same closed chamber conditions.

   • One touch and automatic cleaning along with automatic control of precoating assure over consumption is controlled.

Specifications: Schulze Pretreatmaker IV front
Spraying area: 40x60cm
Spraying method: Nozzles move over the garment inside closed chamber
Nozzles: 4
Dimensions: T 90 x B 72 x H 50 cm
Shipping Dimensions: T 90 x B 72 x H 64 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Shipping Weight: 90 kg
Connection: 230 VAC
Consumption: 125 W
Power input: 2 A
Main fuse: 12 A
Operating pressure of nozzles: 5,5 bar
Operating pressure (water): 10,5 bar
Included: replacement nozzle, filter and ultrasound cleaner
Other: zinc and powder coated housing, containers for precoating, water and deposits