HIX Cap Heat Press

   This HIX cap press uses am adjustable digital timer complete with countdown readout that resets with each opening.

   The unique bottom cap hold down stretches the cap out smoothly on the lower platen. A Teflon strap holds the transfer in place firmly and easily supporting at show, sports event of other on site swap sales.

    • Your order will include the following 3 attachments free of charge:

        Golf Cap Platen 3 x 5 1/2" | $87.00 FREE
        Ball Cap Platen 3 3/4" x 5 7/8" | $86.00 FREE
        Youth Cap Platen 2 3/4"X 5 1/4" | $85.00 FREE

    • Plus you get:

        Common sense touch screen digital seting of time and temperature
        9 pressure levels of operation that meet the needs of all caps and hats
        3 Year Warranty on controller
        1 Year Warranty on entire press

   HIX has earned a reputation for solid long term performance. They build heat presses that last and that keep working precidely for years.