HIX Swingman 25 Large Area Swingaway Heat Press

   The large area heat press allows oversized printing of those large area jobs that usually are both more difficult and time consuming, any other way. Full single cycle performance for even 3XL and 4XL shirts or those 8″ x 24″ ceramic tiles.

   A digital easy use built in controller and timer allows quick setup. Pressure is controlled for thickness of up to 1.75in (4.4cm). The precise temperature controls up to 450F (230C) with a precise timer set in minutes and seconds.

   The SwingMan platen offers up more than just oversized sublimation because you can use it for multiple smaller sized substrates in one go... at the same time! All while saving the users knuckles from the dangers of non-SwingMan clamshell heat presses. Improve productivity with garments, license plates, mouse pads, glass cutting boards, plaques, ceramic tiles and more! This heat press is a must have for any full production printing shop.

Specifications for 20-25...

20” x 25” Platen (50.8 x 63.5 cm), 10 Amps 2000 Watts (220v), 31” W x 43” D x 25” H... for continuous use, high volume production, 220v press has faster heat recovery.