INSTA 1020 Large Format Press

INSTA 1 meter by 1.2 meters about 3 feet by 4 feet Sublimation Heat Press Printing

   • The 1020 is a single user dual tray, 39.4" by 47.2" large format sublimation heat press.

   • It is designed to take up limited space and cubic foot foot print by utilizing vertically oriented shuttle operations.

   • Utilizing two powerful air cylinders to provide consistent pressure it offers consistently repeatable productivity and reliable over all sublimation.

   • Performance that is just not possible with a manual press..

Roland BN20 on its stand

Platen size: 1 meter by 1.2 meters (39.4" X 42.7")
Temperature range: 0 to 425F (225C)
Air pressure range: 72.5 to 87 psi
Power: 230 volt, 3 phase 50-60Hz, 9kW, 25 amps
Space occupied: Width-60.5" (170cm), Height-55" (150cm), Deep-107" (275cm)
Weight: 1873lbs (850kg)

• Single user fully automatic operation
• Very quiet
• Dual workstation manual and automatic modes
• Variable speed dual reciprocating platens
• Repeatable even consistent pressure across the entire surface
• Even dependable transmission of heat across the entire upper platen