TAS Devil Label Printer

Fast Label Screen Printing
     The print area of 7” x 7” (180mm x 180mm) offers easy to set up complete adjustment of print, flood pressure and speed. Quickly produce neck labels, drink holders, holders and shorts. Complete with shirt counter and dwell time of load & unload.

   Colours: 1
   Standard Print Area: 180mm x 180mm (7” x 7”)
   Max Outside Frame Size: 240mm x 420mm (9.5” x 16.5”)
   Standard Pallet Size: 180mm X 280mm
   Standard Squeegees And Flood Bars: 175mm
   Electrical Requirements: 110V/ 220V single phase, 0.5 amp
   Compressed Air Requirement: 3 cfm / 80 psi
   Multi Functional Foot Switch: Standard