Avalanche 1000 - Amazing Direct to Garment Printer


   The Avalanche 1000 is for the customers who require solid 24/7 “mass-production at lightning speed” performance. Kornit has created a different approach that handles volume and delivers incredible quality, at an extremely low operational cost.

   This dual pallet industrial device is for heavy use. The print head features 24 Spectra Polaris heads for very high speeds and excellent print quality. It even resistants daily climate variations using an integrated humidifying system.

Specifications for the Avalanche 1000...

   The print area is up to 23.5x35 in (ie.60x90cm) allowing XXL garments, a wide variety of textiles that range from light to dark. An automatic height adjustment mechanism allows printing over buttons, zippers and other protruding objects, at a rate of up to 300 light and 170 dark garments per hour.

   It includes NeoPigmentTM 5 colour process with integrated pretreatment for unsurpassed quality.

   The 24 height-adjustable industrial Spectra Piezo PolarisTM print heads, with 256 nozzles per head, allow for printing over zippers, buttons and raised objects

   Throughput (shirts/hr) Light garments:Up to 300, Dark garments:Up to 170.

   Power Requirements are 400/208 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase. Operating Systems; Windows XP and Windows 7. Printing resolution is up to 600dpi. Operating conditions include; Temperatures: 18ºC–30ºC / 64.4ºF–86ºF, Humidity: 45%-75% relative humidity, non-condensing Shut-down Conditions 5ºC–35ºC (41ºF–95ºF)

   The Avalanche 1000 is perfectly suited to be used all day, every day and for all volumes