WORKHORSE CapMax 44 Cap Screen Printer

   Print from simplest to the most complex designs on the widest variety of caps, including 6 panel caps. CapMax curved platen and screen follow the natural shape of a cap. The CPMX44 comes standard with the ability to do long cap production runs as well as with t-shirt platens making it a dual purpose cap and t-shirt printer.

   CapMax 44 feature 4 colour 4 station printing and includes 110 mesh screen(s), squeegee(s), and CP2 platen(s).

   Quick change CapMax platens are available to provide the perfect fit for virtually every type and size of cap besides the standard CP2 platen which fits twill, poplin, and nylon, caps. You can also get the CP1 for low crown youth caps, CP3 or CP4 for summer mesh caps, or CP5 for visors. CP6 has a groove machined in the center enabling you to print right over the seam on low crown, 6-panel caps.