THIEME 130 Professional Squeegee Cutter

   A 51 inch (1300mm) one cut tool that will increase production effectiveness. Fast and clean with no grinding dust for precise squeegee edges that improves print quality and performance results.

   Exact adjustable edges; single and double-sided (V-shaped) specially developed for high quality graphic screen printing, industrial applications and the special squeegee angle requirements needed for textile printing make this the professionals choice.

   Rotankife┬« wet-cutting process is responsible for the perfect squeegee in a single cut. The razor sharp, rotating blade removes a very thin strip of rubber (approx. 0.8 mm), significantly reducing squeegee waste.

other models offer wider sizes to consider and they are model 170 for 67 inch (1700mm), model 220 for 87 inch (2200mm), or model 310 for 122 inches (3100mm)

400v 50 Hz, 3 phase