Long Cure, Digital Temperature Controlled
Dual Station Heat Press

>   This Dual station “SwingMan” is great for long cure precise temperature cure production. When there is a longer layout, that includes letter,, numbers, rhinestones, etc. you are able to precisely setup one while the other cures - then swing to work on the next. The risk of layout movement possible with shuttle systems is reduced significantly.

     • each is 16”x20”
     • you get heavy duty reliability
     • you get even heat consistency
     • the digital timer adjusts from 59 sec. and 99 min.
     • the digital temperature control adjusts up to 450°F
     • the adjustable pressure control allows repeatability
     • both lower platens are self levelling
     • items can be up to 1 3/4 inches thick allowing:
         – XXL or smaller size shirts
         – ceramic tiles
         – puff transfers
         – hot split transfers
         – glass cutting boards
         – rhinestones
         – license plates
         – garments
         – mouse pads
         – plaques
         – etc.
     • plus you get a lifetime warranty on heating element

   The incredibly effective use of shop production space this unit represents can be augmented with the use of an optional stand or be put on available counters where its own support assures stability and performance.

   Ask about our production package which includes a complete set of supplies, colours, tools and training.

14.5 Amps 1750 Watts