Showroom Demo... Mimaki CG-60SL

   A high-precision cutter with the flexibility to handle a wide range of materials that cuts micro-segment of line-curves smoothly. A design tool that is intuitively easy-to-understand. Included is the FineCut plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. It offers high-level cutting needs such as creating cut data from image data, or division cutting of long media and setting of overlap space with tiling function.

   It allows a half-cut function so the backing sheet can be cut leaving a little bit of the half cut connecting points - also great for stencils, etc.

Features offered by the Mimaki CG-60SL are:
• 24 inch (60 cm) width cutting at up to 50 cm per second
• very affordable cutting plotter
• unique cut and die cut feature
• multi copy function
• drag knife or pen plotting
• PC or Mac using USB connection